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Data Management

The research activities investigated in the Data Management department focus on the modelling, access, analysis and synthesis of factual and textual data either raw or pre-processed data. The key research activities deal with the design of models and algorithms that support a wide range of information processing stages as well as information representations (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) as shown in the following figure.

The department involves 33 permanent members including 13 full professors and 20 associate-professors and it annually hosts 10 PhD students. The department includes three research teams : IRIS , Pyramid and SIG.

  • IRIS : The IRIS team’s research focuses on information retrieval, e.g., based on deep learning, and the development of value-added information through data mining, information aggregation, or scientometry.
  • Pyramid : The Pyramid team designs and develops new elastic resource allocation models for query optimization, while maximizing the exploitation of fundamental results obtained in parallel and distributed systems.
  • SIG : The Generalized Information System team develops methods, models, languages and tools that allow simple and effective access to heterogeneous big data to enable their use, to facilitate analysis of data to improve decision making and to discover hidden information.

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