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Artificial Intelligence

Head : Andreas Herzig


The Artificial Intelligence Department investigates the automation of reasoning and decision making processes, based on knowledge coming from texts and data as well as from the analysis of natural language. It covers the following topics :
- Automated reasoning ;
- Symbolic and statistic machine learning ;
- Decision support systems and automated decision ;
- Formalisation of interaction and communication between agents ;
- Security of information and communication systems ;
- Models and methods for natural language processing, natural language semantics and discourse analysis ;
- Knowledge engineering and formal ontology, including knowledge extraction, its modelisation and formal representation, its interrelation in the semantic web and in the web of data, and the study of its evolution.

The Artificial Intelligence Department is made up of three teams : ADRIA, LILaC and MELODI. There is a strong interaction, with co-supervised PhD theses and a regular department seminar ( Andreas.Herzig...). The activities of the department are increasingly open towards interdisciplinary collaborations with linguists, cognitive psychologists, philosophers and economists. The interests in machine learning being shared with the Institut des Mathématiques de Toulouse (IMT), a joint team "learning, optimisation, complexity" ("Apprentissage, Optimisation, Complexité", AOC) was created recently. The teams of the department also perform research at the intersection with other departments of IRIT and collaborate in transverse actions, in particular in the specific action "Computation, big data and AI" ("Calcul, Masses de données et AI").

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