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Marie-Louise Inizan, Michèle Reduron Ballinger, Hélène Roche, Jacques Tixier
Translation Jehanne Féblot Augustins

Technology and Terminology of Knapped Stone

Préhistoire de la Pierre Taillée, Tome 5
CREP,  Meudon, 1999

The edition of « Technology and Terminology of  Knapped Stone » (volume 5 of the series Préhistoire de la Pierre Taillée , 1999, C.R.E.P. Editor) is totally out of print. The authors wished now to propose its free access to anyone interested in the study of knapped stones, no matter the time period, and the part of the world they come from. Conceived in the same way as the first volume of the series was in 1980 under the direction of Jacques Tixier, this text book aims to propose a method for analysing lithic assemblages, accompanied with precisely defined descriptive terms, tranlated in several languages. This method is based on the concept of chaîne opératoire, and follows a technological approach which is now extended to all technical productions.

The book is made of a first part, with an introduction followed by seven chapters on raw material, knapping, shaping, débitage, retouching, technological reading, and drawing. A terminological lexicon with 170 entries forms the second part. Plentifully illustrated (79 fig.), « Technology and Terminology of Knapped Stone » is completed by a multilingual vocabulary of the 170 entry words translated into seven languages (arabic, french, german, greek, italian, portuguese, spanish). on-line version


Full translation of volume 4 « Technologie de la pierre taillée », C.R.E.P., 1995, also on-line.



Download this book as pdf file : [Inizan&al-eng, 1999]