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Visual Objects: from Reality To EXpression
Head : Jean-Pierre Jessel


VORTEX aims to form a dynamic group working on visual objects. Our research efforts on visual objects, real or virtual, span a wide range of: still images, videos, 2D and 3D scenes etc. We want to design and develop methods, models and tools to deal with visual objects (real, virtual or mixed) up to give them, by creation or enhancement, elements allowing to adapt their use according to user features, applications, context. For this, we do not want to develop several models but a meta-model or a multi form model (a multi model approach) including several different sub-models, each one with its properties and inner limitations but seen globally, each model covers up drawbacks of the other.

Visual objects are thus central in our research activities to allow to create them, edit them, to give them knowledge, to manipulate then thanks to interaction capabilities and to share them through networked environment.

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